Planning your DIY arts project, but don’t know how to find a venue for your activities? Perhaps you need a studio space or workspace to build your practice or develop your work? Here’s a collection of resources to help you work out how to find and access different types of spaces in Plymouth…

If you are looking for somewhere to show your work, or to find a venue to make your public projects, exhibitions and events a reality, this collection of resources should help you understand how to access spaces for DIY projects in Plymouth.

If you are looking for somewhere to work on preparing your project, this information will help you find and access different co-working spaces in Plymouth.

If you are looking for somewhere larger to bring together a group of people, for meetings, events, rehearsals or workshops, this list of suggested spaces might be useful to you.

If you are looking for a dedicated artist’s studio, this list of existing studio spaces in Plymouth and information about how to set up your own studio space.

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