VAP Open Forum Events

VAP holds regular Open Forum events to bring together arts practitioners, members of local arts organisations, members of the public and other interested parties to discuss issues that affect the visual arts ecology of the city. Open Forum events offer an opportunity for those involved (or interested in becoming more involved) in visual arts activity in the city to meet, hear about each others’ projects and make new professional connections.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, no Fora are scheduled. However, VAP CIC has been participating in fora hosted by Plymouth Culture, helping to develop to next 10-year cultural strategy for Plymouth.

Previous Events

VAP Forum, October 2017, Ocean Studios

Open discussion about what Plymouth wants to see develop in the arts community.

VAP FORUM 30th March 2017, How to DIY, at Effervescent, Radiant House, 11-13 Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2TL, 6 – 8-30PM
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4th Forum

17 October 2016, at Plymouth Arts Centre.

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016
23 – 25 September
Click here to visit the Plymouth Art Weekender website and follow PAW on facebook and twitter.

3rd Forum
21 March 2016 at KARST

2nd Forum
2 November 2015 at Ocean Studios

Plymouth Art Weekender 2015
25 – 27 September

1st Forum
8 June 2015 at Radiant

Open 4
Friday 29 August 2014