VAP Workshops

This program has completed.

Archive: 2017-18

Art Writing: Writing About Art / Writing As Art
9 Sept 2017 at Plymouth Art Centre

This workshop offered the opportunity for practitioners involved in (or interested in becoming more involved in) art journalism & criticism (writing about art) and art practice that involves words / text / writing processes (writing as art) to come together and take part in a series of creative tasks & writing exercises.

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Lizzie Lloyd (Art Monthly, frieze, this is tomorrow and Aesthetica Magazine online)
  • Maddy Hearn (Pineapple Falls, Counter – art book fair, a-n)
  • Sophie Mellor (Close and Remote)
  • Kim Bagley (Interpreting Ceramics, Ceramics Southern Africa)

Funding: Arts Council England, Horizon Visual Arts

Artists Workshops: Self-Organised – How to make events happen
27 April 2017 at Ocean Studios

This workshop offered the opportunity to hear from (and pick the brains of) artists with a wealth of experience (including those who have run successful projects at past Plymouth Art Weekenders) and to meet and share ideas with other people thinking about organising projects for PAW 2017.

Keynote presentations from:

  • Field Notes – Plymouth Art Weekender Coordinators 2017 & 2018

Funding: Arts Council England, Horizon Visual Arts

Artist Workshops: Arts funding and how to get it
6 March 2016 at Plymouth University

This workshop looked at funding for artists and organisations, from Grants for the Arts to alternative funding streams such as crowdfunding. Four speakers delivered talks, followed by small group discussions and one-to-one expert sessions.

Event speakers:

  • Joe Meldrum (Plymouth Culture) – Arts Council England: Grants for the Arts
  • Hannah Sloggett (Neighbourhood Planning Manager, Plymouth City Council) – Crowdfunding & Crowdfund Plymouth
  • Matt Ashdown (independent arts fundraising consultant) – Artists as Fundraisers –
  • Kathy Norris & Hannah Reeves (Spacex) – Building partnerships to secure Grants for the Arts
  • Expert sessions were facilitated by the speakers and Lucy Davies, Rachel Dobbs, Vickie Fear, Donna Howard, Rosie King, Ellen Sims, Martyn Windsor.

See our Resources Page for more useful information on raising money for arts projects.

Funding: Arts Council England, Horizon Visual Arts, Plymouth Culture
Sponsoring BSL Interpreters: Plymouth College of Art

Visual Art Plymouth’ s Talent Development Workshops during 2017-2018 are supported financially through Horizon – a collaborative two year programme of visual contemporary arts, funded through Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence fund and supported by Plymouth Culture.